"We supply high-quality bespoke solutions tailored to the complex nature of modern real estate investment"

Since 2004, MPA Consulting has been providing consulting services to the real estate industry both in the UK and Asia.

MPA Consulting specialise in generating bespoke technical solutions for all types of real estate investors including developers, lenders and funds. Our clients share a common requirement to consistently appraise and accurately report on real estate investments of one kind or another. Furthermore, they are encountering difficulties using inflexible 'off-the-shelf' software or pre-existing models that are not suitable for purpose.

Given the complex nature of modern real estate investing, we consider bespoke systems, tailored to a client's needs, to offer forward-thinking investors a way to move ahead of the competition by enabling them to:

♦ react quickly to new opportunities ♦ satisfy internal checks controls;
♦ invest on a sound and consistent basis ♦ efficiently utilise internal resources

MPA Consulting utilises its team’s expert knowledge of Excel and VBA to specify, develop and implement bespoke optimal Excel-based systems that provide a sound basis for clients’ appraisal and reporting needs.

Based on the experience of building and using hundreds of Excel-based models MPA Consulting’s approach is both considered and knowledgeable. We strive to exceed client expectations not only in terms of the actual capabilities but also the intuitiveness of the finished system. Finally, we aim to build robust systems that can quickly and accurately produce forecasts and reports with minimal on-going technical support.

In addition to the above, given our experience and knowledge of direct investment, development and lending activities within the real estate sector, we are also able to supply advisory services including financial modelling support in relation to individual transactions.

Over the last 9 nine years, MPA Consulting has a proven track-record of delivering successful solutions for a wide range of clients including FTSE 100 companies, private developers, PERE funds and start-up ventures.