"Our bespoke and intuitive systems harness the vast capabilities of Excel and VBA to meet the appraisal and reporting needs of our clients"

Our Approach


We strive to deliver solutions to our clients that meet the following goals:-

Accurate - calculations and outputs can be depended upon as a sound basis for investment decisions

Scalable - large complex portfolios are handled as smoothly and as proficiently as a single property

Flexible - easy adjustment of income, cost, financing and exit assumptions to reflect transaction specifics

Intuitive - , layouts and formats are designed to be quick, efficient and logical to use

Robust - high levels of reliability with minimal requirement for on-going technical support

Non-proprietary - underlying calculations can be amended by proficient Excel users


Specification: We establish the shortcomings of existing tools and processes. We then ascertain the desired functionality of the new system. Lastly, based on our past experiences and extensive knowledge of building models in Excel and VBA, we prepare a specification that fully details structure, functionality and capabilities.

Development: Working within client-specified deadlines, we use our technical skills, commercial knowledge and accumulated experience to develop a system that meets all the demands of the specification. Once complete, a beta version is issued to the client. The feedback received drives the finalisation of the model's functionality and interface.

Support: Following final release, as part the fixed price, we provide free support to the client for a set period, typically 1-2 months, so any technical or user queries can be quickly resolved.